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The Vince Smith Hair Experience Team feels enormous gratitude for all that they have achieved over the years. The professional growth, the loyalty of their clients, their longevity, the prestige obtained in the world of styling and the recognition in the media are only a part of the achievements made in more than a quarter century.

Having survived and thrived through so many historic events has led Vince and his team to feel inspired to help others by giving back to the community and to those in need.

For example, one of the ways Vince paid it forward after the 9/11 attacks was to arrange for free trauma counseling for his clients and his staff in the salon twice a week for two years following the tragedy.

Through the years, Vince's charitable spirit has been reflected in campaigns to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, donations for victims of the tsunami in Japan in 2010, events to raise funds for Save The Children Federation (pictured below), women's support, help for the homeless, and protection of animals, among other worthy causes.

"I have been blessed in so many ways. I am convinced that talent is a gift, and as it was given to me. I feel the need to pay it forward. It’s good for the soul and for karma. It’s good for the community at large. And it’s good for the evolution of humankind and the planet." Vince feels, "we really must reach out a helping hand if we can."

Vince has a deep passion when it comes to helping others. This is the same passion with which he wakes up every day to give his best to his clients.

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