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Hair Styles and Body Proportions

First Magazine wanted my input on the subject of hairstyles and body proportions. They had a lot of specific questions. Read my answers below.

Hair Styles and Body Proportions. It's a really important subject that everyone should consider when choosing a hairstyle. The face-shape and body type go hand in hand when choosing a haircut and style.

Haircuts create optical illusions. The line of the cut will draw the eye into a certain direction. Long, straight hair creates a vertical line and draws the eye down, adding visual thinness or visual heaviness/sadness/age on older women. Short bobs, for example, create a horizontal line and draw the eye outwards, adding visual width on the apple type or fullness on the thinner body types.

Proportion is everything. I always make adjustments in these general categories.

Hair looks shorter on a large or tall person. So keep a short haircut a little longer.

A small head silhouette will look smaller on a large or tall person. So keep the silhouette a little larger.

Long, straight hair will make a thin person look thinner. So keep the hair a little shorter and add volume when styling.

Apple and pear: not shorter than the shoulders, with lots of volume.

Ruler: not longer than collarbone or breast length, with volume and preferably away from face to add fullness to narrow face.

Petite: very versatile. Short hair is great. Not too long or full or this type will get lost in the hair.

Busty: long, full hair is best.

Plus size: also versatile. Nothing too short or close to the head.

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