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3 Common Problems For Color Clients And How To Fix Them

  • Problem: Color is fading too much between visits.
  • Causes: 1. Too much ammonia in color that is used to refresh your ends. 2. Peroxide in formula is too strong. 3. Bad shampoo and conditioner choice for after-care.
  • Solution: At Vince Smith Hair Experience, we go to the extra expense to ensure that your color looks and lasts its best. We use a non-ammonia demi-permanent color to refresh your ends so your hair is much shinier and it barely fades at all. We use the lowest volume of peroxide possible to achieve the desired results. We recommend top quality after-care products customized for you.
  • Problem: Poor grey coverage.
  • Cause: 1. Resistant grey hair. 2. Wrong formulation. 3. Poor quality hair color.
  • Solution: Start with a clarifying, chelating treatment before color application. It removes toxins and product build up from the hair, which can block the penetration of the color.
  • Solution: For full grey coverage, you need to use permanent color with 20-volume peroxide. You need to have some gold in your formula (even if you want no warmth in the final result). At VSHE, we use only the finest quality, conditioning hair color with a high concentration of dyes and micro-dyes.
  • Problem: Hair is dry.
  • Cause: Too much ammonia, harsh shampoo and conditioner for after-care.
  • Solution: Always choose shampoo and conditioner based on a recommendation from your colorist. It makes all the difference in the world. At VSHE, we curate only the highest quality after-care products. We notice a vast improvement in our clients’ hair quality and color last-ability between visits when our clients use great products like these.
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