Keratin Treatment

Cezanne Perfect Finish:
Vince: 350 – 450 depending on length
Team: 250 – 350 depending on length
Bangs Only: 100
We use Cezanne Perfect Finish Smoothing Treatment. It’s totally different than any keratin smoothing treatment available today. It’s formaldehyde free and it delivers similar results to traditional keratin or Brazilian smoothing treatments – but without dangerous chemicals. It restores your hair’s natural shine. It leaves your hair smoother, straighter and frizz-free.

Deep Conditioning

Salon: 35
We use L’anza Ultimate Treatment and Healing Oil Treatment, Savannah Hair Therapy, All-Nutrient and Moroccan Oil Masks. We customize your deep-conditioning treatment to repair and replenish based on your hair’s needs. We have Reconstructive Treatments to repair, Moisturizing Treatments to hydrate, and Clarifying Treatments to remove mineral deposits and product build-up for healthy shiny hair. Your hair will thank you.
Important note: the Keratin Treatment is not a straightener. It is a smoothing, frizz-taming treatment that reduces curl and volume.