We specialize in designing hair and makeup to bring to life your vision for your and your bridal party, incorporating the theme of your wedding and style of your dress and headpiece.
Bride’s Hair: Vince Smith: 200, Team: 150
Bride’s Makeup: Vince Smith: 200, Team: 150
Bride’s Trial Hair and Makeup: Highly recommended. Same price as day of wedding. Inquire for details.
Bridal Party Hair
Up or Half-Up: Vince Smith: 150, Team: 100
Blowout: Vince Smith: 100, Team: 75
Blowout + Iron: Vince Smith: 150, Team: 100
Bridal Party Makeup: Vince Smith: 150, Team: 100
Wedding Plan Tip:
A common mistake lots of brides make is to forget to budget for their hair and makeup when planning their wedding. We understand how expensive the whole event can be, but what’s more priceless than knowing that you look your best on your most special day? The memory of the event will fade over time.The photos will last forever!
Please call us for a consultation and to book your trial!
We are also available for out calls. Add’l Charges Apply.