Thin and Thinning Hair

I was sent an interview from Spry Magazine. They wanted my advice for making the most of thin and thinning hair. Here are my unedited answers.

What kind of cut should someone with thinning hair get that will help hair appear thicker or camouflage thinning areas?

There are certain cuts, colors and styles to stay away from that accentuate the thinness of thinning hair. And they all fall into the category of extremes: too long, too short, too many and too short of layers, too light of a color, too dark of a color and a center part. All these things will make thinning hair look thinner.

It’s important with fine hair, thin hair and thinning hair to think in terms of “medium” and “moderate” when thinking about the length of the hair, the length of the layers and the depth or lightness of the color you are choosing.

Too short of layers will accentuate the thinness because it will either fall very flat or separate to show thinning areas. Too long of layers or too long of hair will have the same negative effect because of the weight of the hair.

There are some really cute and fashionable styles for women with fine, thin and thinning hair. The Michelle Williams pixie cut is great. Just leave the layers a little longer on top. This cut needs regular maintenance to keep its flattering effect. But it’s worth the time and effort.

A mid-length bob is a great choice. It will remove the heaviness from longer hair and add bounce. Use a side part to camouflage the thinness on top. You can also add some layers and an angle to frame the face. This will give the hair even more movement and remove more heaviness.

Bangs are another great choice. Wear them tousled if the thinness is in front. (They will also cover forehead wrinkles, if you have them).

h3. Is there a way of coloring hair or a shade that can help make hair look thicker?

Medium to light browns – golden, reddish or cool, ashy tones – as well as dark blondes are best for thinning hair. Adding some highlights or lowlights will give the illusion of thickness by creating visual texture in the hair. Again, stay away from colors that are very dark or very light. They accentuate the thinness and bring attention to the scalp. 

Would you recommend a perm for someone with thinning hair?

A soft modern perm/body wave done by a professional expert will definitely be a good choice for a woman with thinning hair because it will add volume and support for the style. Just smooth it out with a round brush and some anti-frizz serum for a polished look. A frizzy curly perm doesn’t look good on any hair type! 

What styling advice would you offer a woman with thinning hair? What styling techniques can help hair look thicker?

Tousled, casual styles are better and they are easier to achieve for most people. A little back brushing in trouble areas is a good way to add volume and make the style hold. After you back brush, make sure you smooth the surface by lightly brushing. Also, once you have your hair the way you like it, don’t be afraid to use a strong hold hair spray to make your style last. Stay away from sticky or heavy styling gels. They will cause the hair to separate and clump together. 

What styling products would you recommend women with thinning hair invest in? And what about styling tools?

My favorite volumizing styling product right now is Nioxin Thickening Spray! It has a light scent. It adds shine and lots of volume. It is not sticky. It feels like you have nothing in your hair. All Nioxin products are designed to keep the scalp healthy, so it will never clog the pores of the scalp or leave a residue. It also helps to hold the style and adds support when curling your hair. It’s amazing! 

Are there shampoos or conditioners that you would recommend for someone with thinning hair or is concealing thinning all about proper styling and cut?

Nioxin is the only product I recommend for thinning hair and I recommend it very highly. It is the only product line that I have used in all my more than 30 years in the biz that I have seen results. Check out their website for all the details, but the one product in the line that I use as prevention and that I recommend to my clients is the Scalp Treatment. It contains nutrients, liposomes and a vaso-dilator to help increase circulation to the scalp; thereby, increasing follicular production. You really see a difference in your hair in 30 days. It will definitely have more vitality. And it’s a non-chemical formula. 

Any other “insider” advice for women with thinning hair?

The only insider advice I have for your readers is that there are tons of options when it comes to extensions, weaves and pieces. So many advances have been made that make them look natural and undetectable. Raquel Welch makes a whole line of wigs and partial wigs that are good quality and not too expensive, as well as many other companies. Even if only for those special occasions where lots of pictures are going to be taken, if done properly, it can give a woman the confidence she needs to feel great in pictures. And nobody needs to know except her and her hair stylist!